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Iain Whittaker


Iain Whittaker


They Asked Me What I Learned In Drum Corps

And I could tell them
About all the beats
And the breathing
And the running
And the coverdowns
And how we did the same same thing every day.

I could say all the times
I was told
It wasn’t good enough
And how I had to keep going
Until it was
More than good
More than excellent

If they stayed long to listen I’d tell
About how I used to be afraid
When it got so tough
When I thought I was breaking
And how I had to learn
Shattered as I was
To put myself back together

And I’d tell about the time
I found my friend
Who’d struggled and cracked
Sitting with dust in their eyes
So close to giving in
How I sat down beside them
And gave them strength to go on
Because you don’t ever just let someone
Fall away

But I don’t say any of that
Because so many people don’t know
What it’s like
To be so alive
In all the dimensions of time

So I say
Drum corps taught me
To live life
But by the time it is said

They have walked away
They have left our dangling conversation
To be surrounded by a life
That they will always understand
And will never truly live.


L.l. Leigh

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I’ve missed classes.

Anonymous asked: You sure? Like you pinky promise?

pinky promise!

Anonymous asked: I understand, idk if you really need it I can come off (I'm pretty sure you hate me but I can see you need a friend) or maybe there's another way to like talk anonymously that doesn't post it everywhere

I literally don’t hate anyone. I promise I wouldn’t judge.